The Pinkertons
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The Pinkertons
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The real Pinkertons National Detective Agency is the basis for this crime drama series that follows the agency’s founder, Allan, as he solves crimes in the 1860s, with help from his son, William, and Kate Warne, America’s first female operative to pursue criminals in the Wild West of that era. Episodes of “The Pinkertons” draw on actual cases that the company — which became known for developing the use of surveillance, undercover work and mugshots.

The Pinkertons is a Canadian, Western, police procedural, television series, which features crime cases, of the Pinkerton detective agency. The show is officially licensed, with the Pinkerton detective agency, and features stories based on actual cases from the Pinkerton detective agency archives dating to the 1860s.

The program is produced by Rosetta Media and Buffalo Gal Pictures, in partnership with Channel Zero. Production of this first-run syndicated television show was announced in April 2014, and filming began the following August.