The Listener
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The Listener
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The Listener

The Listener is a Canadian fantasy drama created by Michael Amo. The series stars Craig Olejnik as Toby Logan, a paramedic with telepathic powers, who finds himself consulting with law enforcement to make a change in the world by helping others while listening to the thoughts of victims and criminals, and seeing images that they saw.

The series was broadcast in Canada on CTV and was produced by Shaftesbury Films, in conjunction with CTV and Fox International Channels.

The series premiered on CTV on June 3, 2009.  CTV renewed the series for four more seasons, each consisting of 13 episodes, premiering February 8, 2011, May 30, 2012,  May 29, 2013,  and May 26, 2014.  In August 2014, CTV announced that they had cancelled the show. The series finale aired on August 18, 2014.